My best

I’m getting pretty good at saving money. I know how to get most toiletry and cleaning products for free, and how to stock up on food when grocery prices are rock bottom. I’ve lowered my flinch point when shopping for clothes and non-essentials. I’ve learned how to make healthier and cheaper foods from scratch. I understand our financial situation and I know what my priorities are. I’ve made a lot of changes and I should be proud of myself.

To the contrary. Despite my accomplishments, I’m disappointed in myself for not making changes sooner. I feel guilty thinking of the money I wasted making impulsive department store purchases for the thrill, or ordering take-out just because I hadn’t bothered to meal plan. I feel remorseful for choosing more expensive, processed foods because I didn’t know I could make them myself.

It continues. Maybe I could have paid off more of our debt. Maybe I could have taken one more trip. I certainly could have made healthier choices for my family.

In these moments, this quote by Maya Angelou speaks to me across my roles as wife, working mother, and frugalista.


I need to take a breath. It may have taken longer than it should have, but I know better, and I’m doing better. I will continue to educate myself.

It’s the best I can do.

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